The Most Valuable Advice For Content Idea Generation

I stole this tip from the Joyful Marketing podcast by Simone Seol. Her seven-figure coaching company was founded exclusively on her vast body of well-loved social media content, which attracted coaches around the world to her community.

How did she churn out lots of content? Simone said she loves and values her brain.

It starts with trusting yourself that if your brain finds an idea useful and worth sharing, others will find them interesting too.

It’s not about being arrogant: “My ideas are better than anybody’s.” It’s about not shooting your brain in the foot by thoughts like “Ugh, this has been said a million times” or “Nobody cares”.

Completely let your guard down and embrace your creative self. Trust completely that your thought content is unique and worth sharing because nobody had the same life experience and personality as you.

Believe that your ideas are worthy — they can help people, move them to actions, and help them make money. Yes, believe your ideas are worth a lot of money, and by capturing them, packaging them, sharing them you are offering high-value gifts to the world. Don’t wait for people to tell you so, or wait for proof. Just believe, because you can’t convey value if you don’t see the value.

When you believe your ideas are valuable, you will be a joyful creator, who has fun capturing ideas, linking ideas, and showing them off.

And isn’t that where great ideas come from?

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I write about how to flourish as a creator. Say hi on Twitter :

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I write about how to flourish as a creator. Say hi on Twitter :

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