How to Create Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

In a long journey towards becoming a successful creator, there are going to be some days when you don’t feel like creating. Today is one of those days for me.

Last week I was telling myself, I’m not backing down from my dreams. In hindsight, that was so easy to say when my motivational tank was filled up. But when it comes to days like today, when for God’s sake I can’t produce anything good, now we are talking.

Today is a true test of my commitment to the craft.

I used to dread days like this a month ago. Streaks of days like this have shut down many of my failed blogs. But now I decide to welcome creative blocks with open arms.

I feel like a well-trained boxer breathing hard in an arena facing my fiercest opponent: myself and all my self-sabotaging thoughts.

Now I’m ecstatic about the fact that these days arrive and give me chances to practice. How else can I grow if I don’t learn to defeat my worse enemy?

What I do today to overcome writer’s block

I walk away from the computer and sit down at my kitchen table with a pen and a notebook. Make a cup of coffee. I stare blankly into my garden.

Lately, my plants have become an infinite source of inspiration for my career. Proliferation happens daily and their default mode is to thrive and flourish. All you need to do is simply moisten them with water, and they are ready to sprout and spring.

Being a creator is beautiful like that too. You are the oasis for all wonderful things to grow on. You read. You learn. You share. And as long as the world is flooded with shared wisdom, you are never short of materials to proliferate. Creating is one of the most enriching and fulfilling activities you can do.

Today, my alter ego is a plant. Little and little I will bloom. I will feed off of the energy of the sun and create delicious nutrient-rich food for thoughts. My default mode today is to blossom.

There are joyful inspirations to tap into every single moment if you stay open. Now onto my next creation.

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I write about how to flourish as a creator. Say hi on Twitter :

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I write about how to flourish as a creator. Say hi on Twitter :

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